Nintendo Switch Online In Japan

You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truth Of N64 Game Custom Robo And Its Sequel Coming To Nintendo Switch Online In Japan.

N64 Game Custom Robo And Its Sequel Coming To Nintendo Switch Online In Japan

The announcement during the recent Nintendo Direct that N64 games will arrive in the new “Expansion Pack” level of Nintendo Switch Online in Japan, with games like Banjo-Kazooie and F-Zero X soon to be playable on Switch: Retro gamers were excited 64-bit.

However, Japanese players have a couple more reasons to look forward to the arrival of this new library starting in October.

Nintendo Switch Online In Japan

Regional exclusive games are nothing new to the Nintendo Switch Online Japan service, of course, and Japanese subscribers will receive Custom Robo and Custom Robo V2 in addition to the lineup announced in the West.

Nintendo Switch Online In Japan

The first game in the Custom Heist West series with GameCube’s entry into the action RPG series developed by Noise, and later on the DS, but the previous two N64 games were never released outside of Japan, hence their exclusivity. Japanese players will sacrifice Dr. Mario 64 to get a pair of custom robots.

Introducing the first game in our 10-game Nintendo feature that we’d love to see finally arrive in the West, and while the pair remains exclusive to Japanese Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, someone with a Japanese Nintendo Account and an NSO subscription on another. region can access and download the application, which means that these games will be accessible worldwide.

Obviously they won’t be localized and won’t arrive in the first batch of launch titles, but we can’t wait to customize our little robots for the Battle of Holosseum when the games launch on an unspecified future date.

Let us know below if you are looking forward to revisiting the Japanese gems or perhaps playing them for the first time. Source

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